Trick-or-Treat in Roslindale Village Saturday, Oct. 29 from 12-2pm

This Saturday is Halloween in Rozzie Village! RVMS is hosting trick-or-treating at Roslindale businesses on Saturday, October 29 from 12-2pm. Various businesses around Roslindale Village will be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Look for the flyer shown above in storefront windows to know which businesses are participating. See below to learn about the participating businesses.

     Participating Businesses include:

     • The Square Root

     • Distraction Brewing

     • Birch St. House & Garden

     • Weesh Bake Shop

     • Joanne Rossman

     • The Muncey Group

     • I&I Rose Garden

     • Sophia’s Grotto

     • Create

     • Fornax Bread Company

     • The Thrift Shop of Boston

     • Jimmies Cafe

     • Tony’s Market

     • Effie’s Kitchen

     • Shaking Seafood

     • The Substation

     • The Rozzie Square Theater

     • Delicious Yogurt

     • Akasha Studio

     • YMAA

              Check out the map to see where you can stop in for some candy on Saturday. Don’t miss Tony’s Market and Akasha Studio! You can grab a paper map from the Farmers Market as well.

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