Legislature’s votes correct and commendable

As a married woman I have wanted for some months now to respond to the many opinions I have read in the daily newspapers both for and against same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. What has kept me from writing before now is that I’ve felt tired—tired from the humiliation that comes with knowing that a rather mediocre, though very vocal, coalition of people wants to vote on the validity of my marriage. Imagine, those of you who are not in my position, how you might feel if your marriage were up for a popular vote.

And now comes Gov. Mitt Romney, a very handsome guy, but a very ugly person. For those of you who weren’t at the State House on Nov. 9, let me assure you that, contrary to Romney’s assertions, the Legislature did, in fact, debate and vote on the issue of gay marriage. Indeed, they voted unanimously not to abolish equal marriage rights in Massachusetts. What they did not vote on was whether or not my marriage and that of some 9,000 others should be subject to the whim of voters. For that the Legislature ought to be commended!!

Cathryn Blackwell
Jamaica Plain

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