Library chilled again

The Jamaica Plain Branch Library was refrigerated once again last week during replacement of a furnace part.

The library was forced to close briefly last month when the aging heating system failed.
A furnace fix was scheduled for Dec. 3 to take advantage of the library’s later Monday opening hour, said Boston Public Library (BPL) spokesperson Mary Bender. But the furnace-less chill lasted well into the afternoon before the heat resumed, according to patron Sam Sherwood. Dec. 3 turned out to be the day of a wintery storm.
New heating and air condition will be on the table when a library renovation plan begins next spring. The building is almost a century old.
“For now, this is the furnace we have, and we’re doing our best with it,” Bender said. “It’s like your house. You find out about problems when it’s a cold day.”

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