Whole Foods better than empty building

Irrelevant, overplayed words I’m sick of hearing in reference to Hi-Lo/Whole Foods: community, diversity, affordability, independent. A word I haven’t heard mentioned enough: vacancy. Of all the arguments for and/or against Whole Foods, not many people are discussing the fact that Hyde Square has many empty and dilapidated store fronts.

I’m impressed by the efforts to mobilize the community, but instead of opposing Whole Foods, let’s consider ways of attracting more affordable, diverse, independent businesses to our community (since I don’t think building owners in Hyde Square are planning to donate their properties any time soon). The reality is another million-dollar home was sold nearby without Whole Foods and despite the former Milky Way still being vacant. Bottom line: Whole Foods put their money where their mouth is, and until more businesses step up to do the same, better them than a fast food chain or another trendy, niche market.

Kristie Donnellan
Jamaica Plain

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