DJ spins records, whites and darks

One half of Jam’n 94.5’s “The Ramiro & Pebbles Morning Show” has an unusual connection to Jamaica Plain: a laundromat.

Ramiro Torres, a local and national radio DJ, bought Clean Getaway Laundry, at 546 Centre St., just over a year ago.

“Why not own a laundromat?” he asked. “Everyone needs something on the side…You never know what’s going to happen in this economy.”

The location was key, Torres said.

“It’s a nice area and it’s just a few streets away from where my son lives with his mom. It’s never out of my way,” he explained.

Getting started last year took effort, but the laundromat is “where we want to be now,” he said.

The radio show is a staple on 94.5 with its prank calls (“Jam Scams”) and gags (“cockroach cocktails,” anyone?), but Torres does not bring DJ-ing into the laundromat, he said.

“It’s a totally separate thing,” he explained.

“My schedule’s insane. Luckily, I have a good crew of people to handle it themselves. That was the biggest thing,” Torres said.

And his secret to laundromat success?

“The most courteous, respectful, helpful staff to do all the free pick up and delivery. They go out of their way to help you,” he said.

“I’m also by far, far, the best-looking laundromat owner in—forget JP—the whole state. I’m known here,” he said.

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