Cops: Man sold drugs from wheelchair

FOREST HILLS—A man who uses a wheelchair was arrested by MBTA Transit Police on March 13 after allegedly selling marijuana to high school students at the Forest Hills T Station.

Enrico Joseph was charged with distribution of Class D drugs. Two unidentified juveniles, aged 15 and 16, were arrested with him. One juvenile was charged with marijuana distribution and the other with conspiracy to violate drug laws. Officers allegedly found a total of eight plastic bags, each marked with a marijuana leaf stamp and containing the drug, on the two juveniles, according to a Transit Police report.

According to Transit Police, Joseph was already known to them for reports that he openly put marijuana into small plastic bags while riding the Route 30 bus from Mattapan to Forest Hills Station. On March 13, plainsclothes officers rode that bus to follow Joseph, and allegedly saw him selling the drugs at the T station.

From press materials.

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