Franklin Park moves closer to repairs

Franklin Park is a step closer to renovated pathways and entrances after the Boston Parks and Recreation Department (BPRD) received a receptive response to its plan at a community meeting April 30.

“I think there is interest from the community for us to do more work like this,” said Margaret Dyson, director of historic parks at BPRD. “But it is important to get a start.”

Dyson said there were a couple dozen people at the meeting, which most heated moment came when two members became competitive about who cared about the park more.

BPRD presented a plan that called for the entrance near Glenn Road to undergo reconstruction. The swing gate would be narrowed, while the path would be refashioned into a more Y-shape manner, according to Dyson. She said currently pedestrians are forced to get off the path to get around the swing gate, forcing them to sometimes walk in puddles.

Another path to be targeted is near the old Bear Dens where there is a lot of erosion due to the slope. Dyson said that path would be reconstructed with crushed stone.

Other areas to be improved are a traditionally wet spot near Valley Gates that would receive better drainage, and the part of the “walkway loop” between Schoolmaster Hill and Ellicott Dale.

Dyson said the Boston Landmark Commission is fine with the proposal. She said while there are no bells and whistles to the renovations, they are basic infrastructure repairs the park needs.

The City will issue a request for proposals this summer with construction beginning sometime in the fall, said Dyson.

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