MBTA welcomes carolers back

Two days after kicking Christmas carolers out of the Forest Hills T Station, the MBTA reversed course and brought them back.

Laura Ruth Jarrett, pastor of Jamaica Plain’s Hope Central Church, and other church carolers were asked to leave the station Dec. 17 because they did not have a permit. But after that event was publicized, new MBTA General Manger Beverly Scott issued the group a permit and joined them the night of Dec. 19 at the station.

“For the last several years, Hope Central has done caroling in our community,” said Jarrett in an email to the Gazette. “We do this because it helps us prepare our hearts for Christmas, because we love singing, because it’s a way to invite people who have no church home to our Christmas Eve services.”

In other caroling news, the 9th annual Merry Christmas Caroling Mob will take place Dec. 23 starting outside the Green T Station. The group’s website said it will go inside the station if the weather is bad. It is unclear if the group will face the same permitting problem.

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