Doyle’s Returns? Proposal Could Bring Back a Reimagined Version of the Beloved Restaurant

In homage to JP’s beloved Doyle’s, which closed last October, a reimagined Doyle’s Restaurant could become a reality under a new proposal. Watermark Development, along with Scales Architecture, presented a mixed-use development proposal for the Doyle’s lot at 3484 Washington St. at a community meeting on October 1. The restaurant would be operated by Brassica Kitchen and Cafe, which has a location at 3710 Washington St.

Photo Courtesy Scales Architecture and Watermark Development
A rendering of the proposed market, restaurant, and some of the condo units on top of the
market and over the existing parking lot behind the restaurant.

     The project consists of 29 condominium units in total, as well as the restaurant space, a roof deck for the restaurant, and a grocery market. There will be 29 parking spaces for the restaurant and market, as well as one parking space per condo, according to Lee Goodman of Watermark Development. The project will span from the corner of Washington Street where the Doyle’s building is to where Gartland Street starts, Goodman said.

     The market, which is proposed to be built where a two family home currently exists at the corner of Gartland and Washington Street, will have 16 housing units above it. There will be four floors with four units on each floor.

     The parking lot adjacent to the existing Doyle’s Cafe building will become home to a four story building with seven units that will look more like a traditional triple decker home.

     The rest of the units will be built as part of what Goodman called a “Phase Two” portion of the project, and will consist of a three story building with two units on each floor on the triangular lot at the corner of Williams and Mehan Streets.

     The roof deck will be a part of the restaurant and will include a bar. Goodman also said that efforts will be made to restore the original Doyle’s bar for the restaurant. There will also be a recreation of the Kennedy Room inside the restaurant, which can seat 48 people and also have tables for dining. The “Braddock Cafe” sign on the building will be replaced with one that says “Brassica Kitchen & Cafe”

     To get to the housing above the market, residents will enter off Gartland Street, which provides a separate entrance from the restaurant. The restaurant entrance will be in the back of the building.

     There will be two elevators up to the roof deck, Goodman said, one for food and one for people.

     Goodman said that Brassica will be paying homage to the original Doyle’s restaurant, but putting their own spin on the classic food that served generations of Bostonians and visitors alike.

     A community meeting was held in the Doyle’s parking lot on October 1, where dozens of residents gathered at a safe distance to hear the proposal. Goodman said that many of them reacted positively to the proposal.

     Next steps include filing for a rejection letter at the city’s Inspectional Services Department. Goodman also said that he heard feedback from residents who want to see additional slides in the presentation that share more information, which he said the team is working on putting together before the next meeting.

     He also said that he heard feedback asking if it was possible to add additional green space to the site, which the team is exploring as well.

     Goodman also said he hopes to have another community meeting within the next few weeks.

     “My hope is to have one quickly before the weather gets too cold,” he told the Gazette. He said having the in-person meeting outside in the parking lot worked very well, especially with the amount of community interest in this project. There will be more opportunities for the neighborhood to hear the proposal and provide feedback as the process kicks off.             “We’re excited,” he said.

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